The Summer Bliss Business Challenge for Mompreneurs

Create your 60-day plan to grow your business while working less and enjoying summer with your family

  • Ditch overwhelm and guilt with a plan that creates enough time to both work on your business and be with your family. 
  • Know exactly how you should be leveraging your time and effort to make real progress - and income - this summer even while you work fewer hours 
  • Walk away with your personal 60-day Summer Bliss Plan to guide you every step of the way 

About your host - Christine Parma

Christine helps ambitious Mompreneurs build profitable, dream-fulfilling businesses without working 24/7, missing out on precious family time or sacrificing what matters most to them. 

She’s on a mission to free busy mamas from overwhelm and guilt by showing them how to create the systems they need to make their dreams happen while still being amazing moms, too. 

Drawing on her experience of working behind the scenes on more than $3 million dollars’ worth of live and online signature programs for T. Harv Eker, plus the many lessons learned from launching her own brand with two young kids at home, Christine beautifully marries both practical business strategies and spiritual principles to help her clients build thriving businesses and joyful lives… because you shouldn’t have to choose between the ones you love and making your dreams happen. 

Ready to make your life and business work for you, Mama?  

What are you going to do during the seven days?

  • Day 1: Get clear on your non-negotiables

Missing out on what matters most to you will make you resent your business, feel guilty and rob you of the rewards you’re working so hard for. Here’s the key to having a guilt-free, soul-fulfilling business: get your personal priorities straight. 

  • Day 2: Protect your work time 

Time thieves can show up in sneaky ways. Learn how to give your schedule strong structure and boundaries that protect your work time, giving you the freedom to fully enjoy your down time. 

  • Day 3: Narrow your focus to get results

Got dozens of ideas and goals vying for your time and attention? Discover which one to make happen this summer. 

  • Day 4: Take right action 

You don’t need to do everything under the sun in order to reach your goals. You just need to take the few right actions. Today you’ll learn what those few right things are for you.

  • Day 5: Obliterate overwhelm step by step 

Is your business to-do list a mile long? Learn how to obliterate overwhelm and get more done in less time with this 3 step process.

  • Day 6: Get the answers you need 

Feeling a little stuck on something? Use this day to implement what you’ve learned so far and get additional support. I answer the most frequently asked questions, plus give you additional insights into how to set yourself up for a summer of business bliss!

  • Day 7: Create your Plan Summer Bliss! 

Plan This is the day where the proverbial rubber meets the road and you create your 60-day Summer Bliss Business Plan that beautifully balances family and time for yourself, too. 

The plan is the key to getting more done this summer (and every day after that!) than you ever have… all without sacrificing what matters most to you.

Let's do this!